Media Space

The Dolord Mindi Media Space employs and trains arts workers from Mowanjum Community in digital media recording, file management and archival procedures. Arts workers digitally archive historical audiovisual recordings repatriated and donated from external sources, as well as create new recordings. Many of these are shared through the community database called Storylines.

Creation of new artwork is an important focus of the Media Space, encouraging Mowanjum artists to explore traditional ideas and stories through new digital platforms, for example animation, digital photography, graphic illustration and video.


• Storylines Access Room in artist studio

• Collection Storeroom

• Workroom

• Media + Office space

• Museum

- Rock Art Education space

- Song and Dance Education space

The museum will be an engaging education space. We plan to create a Rock Art Education Space and Community Stories Space. So far we have support from Department of Aboriginal Affairs and are waiting on two more funding results. Our project partners include Melbourne University, University of Western Australia, Desert River Sea and several independent consulatants with close community relationships.



What We Love About Junba, 2016

Bush Boy Strikes Again, 2012

Bush Boy Strikes Again was shot, filmed and edited in Majaddin in the July 2012 school holidays during a youth bush trip. Youth participated as actors and behind the scenes as director and camera support. It is a much loved film by Mowanjum youth.

Ornmol (Ochre) 2015

Engaging Collections 2015