Gabriella Barunga

Born: 1969

Clan: Ngarinyin

Gabriella Dolby Barunga has been painting for over 20 years, becoming well known for her Ungud (totem) paintings, where snake like symbols are repeated in rhythmic swirls. She is a wonderful exponent of the decorative brush stroke in-fill technique, which is synonymous with the Mowanjum style.

Born in Derby, Gabriella first heard about traditional law and ancestral stories through her mother and uncles. While her parents were in the leprosarium, she was cared for by Jack and Biddy Dale, who took her on bush holidays, where she learned to fish and hunt kangaroos, snakes and turtles.

As an adult, she has made various trips to her homelands near Pantijan, and to the caves where the Wandjinas were first painted. She uses these trips as an inspiration for her work.

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