The Mowanjum Art Studio is a place where young and old gather together to create and inspire one another. It is a meeting a place for the people of Mowanjum as well as communities along the Gibb River Road, through the Kimberley Coast and as far away as Kalumburu.

Ngarinyin, Worrorra and Wunumbal artists continue to carve yuwugun or yoogu (boab nuts) as well as take inspiration from older works of incised garlmbi (helicopter tree), slate and jaguli or jagoli (pearlshell)

Artists are able to translate these traditional skills in carving and painting into more contemporary woodcut prints and screen printing. Together they build on a centuries-long history of artistic practice.

Donny Woolagoodja etching in the studio


Every day in the workshop, artists are mixing paint, crushing ochre, stretching and priming canvases and constructing stretcher frames.

Here, the artists are trained in the technical preparation of materials to a best practice standard. Throughout the year, the workshop hosts a range of creative and technical training opportunities, including pearl shell or wood carving.