Kirsty Burgu

Born: 1972

Clan: Ngarinyin

Kirsty is a Ngarinyin Worrorra woman and was born and lives at Mowanjum Community. Any time away was spent in study, which in recent years saw her ordained as a Pastor in the Uniting Church.

Kirsty is as intensely engaged with the traditional culture of her people as she is with Christianity. She deftly portrays the stories and philosophy of these two worlds within her work, where she regularly depicts the first two Wandjina Idjair the father (God) and Wodjin the son (Jesus).

Kirsty is the Pastor at Mowanjum, is a Director of both Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation and Mowanjum Aboriginal Corporation, and in the past has served on Mowanjum Artists Spirit of the Wandjinia Aboriginal Corporation. Further to her community and cultural responsibilities Kirsty is an active artist at Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre. If this is not enough, she is illustrating a childrens’ book for publishing house Magabala Books Broome WA.

In 2021, Kirsty is a Finalist in the prestigious Blake Prize at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre Liverpool NSW. 86 artists were shortlisted from 1,200 submitted entries internationally, so an outstanding acknowledgement for this artist.