Robyn Mungulu

Born: 1974

Clan: Worrorra

Robyn is a senior tour guide at Wijingarri Bard Bard and is highly skilled in sharing cultural knowledge with visitors to the area. She is the youngest daughter of Gudu Mungulu, belonging to the Mungulu dynasty of Indigenous painters.

Her work is characterised by clean brushstrokes and balanced symmetry, often emphasised through decorative borders using handprints and animal figures. She paints predominantly Wandjina as a central figure. "For us the Wandjinas are our creators. They gave us our part of the country, our language and our laws...three different tribes, three different languages, three different Wandjinas, but one big family".

Robyn enjoys painting primarily at Wijingarri Bard Bard (Fresh Water Cove), enjoying the solitude that this environment offers. She draws much of her inspiration from the Worrorra coastline.