Sandra Mungulu

Born: 1961

Clan: Worrorra

Sandra is a prolific and passionate painter, renowned internationally for her art which is held in numerous museums and private collections. Sandra began painting almost two decades ago, inspired by observing her famous father-in-law David Mowaljarlai create his own Wandjina artwork.

Sandra produces beautifully balanced work, rich in stories and legends that show her strong connection to traditional cultural beliefs. Reflected in Sandra's practice are the original stories and representations told by her ancestors to younger generations. To Sandra, it is vital that these stories are passed on, refreshed and remembered.

Sandra belongs to the Mungulu dynasty of painters which includes her mother Gudu, sisters Marjorie, Margaret, Mildred and Robyn. Her two daughters, Carmen and Deidre, are now also painting and her son Aaron is creating pearl shell jewellery.