In 2015, Dolord Mindi began a contemporary photography program, helping Indigenous photographers explore creativity and storytelling through the camera lens.

In the lead up to the 2015 Mowanjum Festival, Perth organisation Camera Story led photography workshops and training at Mowanjum, helping Mowanjum artists to build skills and cultural resources, as well as document their own stories.

These workshops engaged both arts workers from the Mowanjum Art & Culture Centre as well as young community members who showed an interest in learning vocational camera skills.


The Camera Story experience for me was awesome... I have learnt so many new things about using a camera and I am really grateful that Jackie and Sarah came to Mowanjum Art Centre. Thank you guys.
- Sherika Nulgit

The Camera Story workshop helped me get a better understanding of photography... Jackie and Sarah always made it fun so there wasn't a dull moment
- Mary-Lou Divilli