1. Mowanjum Festival - Friday July 8th, 2022

We are so excited to have some amazing dancers from Mowanjum and across the Kimberley join us !

Junba Program.

Mowanjum Dancers: Ngaryinrin and Woddordda; Bununba Dancers; Bidyadanga Dancers; Waringarri Dancers

and Gooolarrgoon Dancers.

Get ready for an amazing afternoon of workshops, followed by an evening of Junba under the stars !

Where: Mowanjum Art and Culture Centre, Gibb River Road, Derby.

Mowanjum Festival tickets:

You can book online at https://www.trybooking.com/BZMQU

Adult - $40 Youth (12 - 17) $15 Child - $5.

Limited Gate Sales.

About Mowanjum Festival

We are proud to share our culture with so many people, and we hope that Festival-goers will continue to learn about and appreciate the culture of the Ngarinyin, Woddordda and Wunambal peoples. The performance and revival of Junba, traditional song and dance, is significant for our community, ensuring the passing on of knowledge and culture to the next generation.

The 2022 Mowanjum Festival is generously supported by:


Tourism WA | Lotterywest


Shire of Derby, West Kimberley| Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation | Mt Gibson Iron | Pardoo Beef Company |

Wilinggin Aboriginal Corporation| Maxima Opportunity

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