Dolord Mindi Space (The CAVE)

Dolord is a deep cave, it is where people would traditionally shelter and store things for safe keeping. Art can be found in the Dolord, as well as stories and language that echo through the space. This knowledge resonates with those who are listening and those who carry it out onto the land.

Dolord Mindi is home to the Mowanjum Community Collection and Media Space. This space allows the community to explore and deepen cultural knowledge through digital media platforms. The project aims to preserve and collect archival records, while training staff to create new digital media stories.

In this space, community members can engage with an evolving collection via a community controlled database, called Storylines. This collection includes photographs, videos, sound, documents and object information. It delivers an interactive platform that supports the maintenance of culture, language and law, as well as intergenerational teaching.

Having a community controlled database allows Aboriginal families and communities to gain control of their own history, and assists in the return of photos and other information directly back into the community collection. In this way, the project also provides pathways for further repatriation from private collectors and major collecting institutions around the world.

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