Junba is a form of storytelling through traditional song and dance. Culturally, Junba is considered essential for good social and emotional wellbeing, and is a practice by which the community can strengthen intergenerational bonds and connect to language and country.


In 2010, the Wilinggin, Worrorra and Wunambal Junba traditions were considered endangered. Since the early 1900s, these songs and dances have been seen an estimated ninety percent decline.

The Junba Project increases the opportunities for people to engage with Junba and re-learn anicent songs and dances. Both young and old community members are teamed with community elders for dedicated workshops, practice and performance. Documentation of Junba performances at the annual Mowanjum Festival between 2010 and 2012 signals an end to Junba's decline.

Junba Practice prepares performers for Mowanjum Festival night seen on the right.


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