Gudu Mungulu

Date of Birth: 1936

Clan: Ngarinyin

Gudu is the warm and generous Mungulu matriarch. She is a traditional, highly respected elder who teaches language and tells stories to the younger generations. She continues to inspire her large extended family with stories from the traditional culture.

Her daughters Edna, Margaret (deceased), Marjorie, Mildred, Sandra and Robyn, are all artists. Gudu's husband, Alan, was a respected Worrorra leader. He taught young children in the Wotjulum and Mowanjum mission schools and was known for his pearl shell carvings. Together, they ran the mission store for many years.

Gudu primarily paints bush tucker, particularly Waanungga (bush honey). Her work is keenly sought for its authenticity and strong design and is represented in both the Art Gallery of Western Australia and Art Gallery of South Australia.