Mabel King (deceased)

Born: 1930

Clan: Ngarinyin

A respected Ngarinyin elder, Mabel King was amongst those who trekked from Gurima country near Charnley River to Munja, Kunmunya, Wotjulum, old Mowanjum and present day Mowanjum. She was a keeper of women’s Lore, as well as traditional Ngarinyin song and dance.

Mabel was responsible for teaching the women and young children the proper way to dance Wangga (children’s corroboree). With her keen wit, boundless enthusiasm, and knowledge of hundreds of Ngarinyin stories, Mabel brought a wonderful energy into the Mowanjum studio. She painted prolifically and passionately.

Her work sits in a number of national collections. In 1999, the prestigious National Gallery of Victoria purchased four of her pieces.